Storm Loyalty Program

Joining the Storm Loyalty Program is a requirement to be considered eligible to receive Tokens in the Storm Loyalty Bonus (previously called Storm Drop).

Download the Application

Android users: If you haven't already, please click the button below and download our Storm Play app, open it up, and register as a user!

iOS and other users: Please click the button below to be notified when our new platforms are ready to go.

Note: The first Storm Loyalty Bonus is only available to those participants who were registered and verified in our Storm Token Sale or any Storm Players that signed up for Storm Play by December 7. To be eligible, you must have kept all your genesis tokens in your original Storm wallet. You can find the original announcement here.

Also note: Subsequent Storm Loyalty Bonuses will be open to all Storm Loyalty Program members.

We are opening up the Storm Loyalty Program to new participants to improve the community. This will encourage more people, including our iOS users (many of whom have been strong supporters since day 1), to participate.

We will continue to favor longstanding supporters by giving more weight to older tokens in our Storm Loyalty Bonus calculations.

Check your wallet to see you qualify for the Storm Loyalty Program:

Enter the ERC-20 compatible wallet that contains your Storm Tokens to see if you meet our eligibility requirements for the Storm Loyalty Program. You can view the Storm Loyalty Bonus requirements here.


Be sure to sign up for our Storm Loyalty Program by entering your information below. This is mandatory to receive tokens in the first Storm Loyalty Bonus on June 7th. Even if you don’t qualify for the first Storm Loyalty Bonus on June 7th, you may qualify in the future.

Confirm your email

Check your inbox for your confirmation email. Don’t forget to check those spam or junk folders, just in case. If you don’t have it, please submit a support ticket with that includes ‘Storm Loyalty Bonus Registration’ as the title.

Fill out your W9 or W8BEN

This is a mandatory step to receive bonus Storm Tokens!
Because we are paying you for tasks, and rewarding your loyalty with Storm Tokens, we are required to collect from qualified participants either a W9 (for U.S. citizens) or a W8BEN (for non-U.S. citizens). We’ll be sending you to a trusted, secure partner for the form capture.

Hold tight for June 7th!

Once you are registered, confirmed, and have sent in your mandatory W9/W8BEN information, you are good to go - hang tight! We’ll continue posting updates as we have them.

Check your estimated Storm Loyalty Bonus!

The equation we’re using to estimate your portion of the bonus on June 7th, 2018 is:

We truly appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of your Storm Community support!